How to Get Motivated When You Feel Like a Failure III

Musa Kazım GÜLÇÜR

April, 17/2020


1. Introduction 1

2. What is Motivation? 2

3. Some Motivation Rules 3

4. Is Failure Bad? 4

5. What Happens If You Fail? 4

6. Making Objectives, Goals and Quality Decisions 5

7. Develop Your Dreams 6

8. Develop Your Dream First, Then Education 6

9. Learning Personality 7

10. Subconscious 8

11. Conclusion 8

1. Introduction

All young people have the ability to make knowledge productive as a favour from Allah. Unfortunately, youth years are often years in which talent is blunted. Information is transmitted to our youth in some way or another, but how to develop this information is not taught. One of the most important sources of the development of knowledge is the motivation.

The word meaning of motivation is mobilizing, referring to activity. The term motivation is derived from the word motive. “Motives are forces which induce people to act in a way, so as to ensure the fulfilment of a particular human need at a time.” As you move from lower organisms to superior organisms such as humans, stereotypical behaviors decrease. It is not only external stimuli that manage superior organisms. Superior organisms are also managed by the traces left in the pituitary gland and the brain lobes of previous spiritual and mental memories.

The branch of psychology which deals with the concept of motivation in people, examines the internal controls that have taken place in previous memories. It examines the internal sources of attitudes and the main causes of behaviors. Some causes such as hunger, thirst is physiological and innate. It is impossible to destroy these motives. However, apart from these motives, there is also a sense of motivation.

2. What is Motivation?

Motivation is an internal process, a sense of work and an achievement inspired by God Almighty in order to overcome social events. This feeling is a very important requirement for young people. However, education leaders, government executives and a large part of the society think that only young people who follow the passive education process can be successful. According to them, successful people can only grow in the classrooms. But is it really the case?

For your motivation to be strong, first:

1. Take lessons from your failures,

2. Love to learn,

3. Learn to overcome obstacles,

4. Know how to take risks,

5. Delete the problems of the past,

6. Observe the opportunities.

Motivation means getting the freedom to realize our ideals. In this sense, we can talk about three basic features of motivation:

1. Motivation is the feeling of wanting, desiring, trying to realize what seems impossible. Productivity occurs with ideas, projects and goals.

2. Motivation is a passion for learning, redefining and looking for opportunities. It is learning what will work and give results and what will not work.

3. Motivation is the curiosity to overcome obstacles, not to be affected by failures and to take lessons from the past to reach productive thoughts.

Failure in any of these items means the result that demolishes motivation. For example, you can be productive, but if you are negatively affected by failures or cannot tolerate failure, you will lose your motivation at that moment. Suppose that you have a very feasible idea, but if you do not like to take risks, your motivation will be negatively affected. It should not be forgotten that money is not a target. Money, however, can just be a reward for achieving your goals.

3. Some Motivation Rules

Now we will talk about seven rules of motivation. We believe that with the application of these rules, you will discover that some of your life’s expectations can be easily realized:

1. Set a big goal but follow a single path. Do not forget that the first step of motivation is to set higher ideals.

2. Finish the work you have started. A semi-completed job will not benefit anyone. On the other hand, quitting is not a good habit either. Completed works are what will increase your motivation. The Quran, “Do not invalidate your deeds.” (Muhammad, 47/33) says.

3. Share similar interests with others. Mutual support is motivating. We usually adapt the behaviours of our five best friends. If these friends have a strong motivation, we will also be strong in terms of motivation. On the contrary, the situation is opposite.

4. Learn how to learn. Dependency on others in the context of information creates a slow process. Currently, a very large world of information can meet this need.

5. Be in harmony with your individual abilities. Do research to get information about the subject you are interested in. Individual abilities create motivation and motivation creates persistence. Insistence on a subject ensures that the work is completed.

6. Increase your knowledge. The more detail you get on a topic, the more you will increase your knowledge. Increasing your knowledge will automatically upgrade your spiritual powers. Here, we would like to remind the verse of the Quran that says: “My Lord! Increase my knowledge.” (Ta Ha, 20/114)

7. Take risks. Failure is one of the basic elements of motivation. No one has achieved significant success without failing.

The desire to develop is a force that comes from within. What makes a plant take root through thick soil and even penetrate through rocks is the aspiration to grow which is given by Allah (cc). If this desire for growth resides in a basic organism like a plant, it would obviously find in a more complex organism like a human. Therefore, we have to use the power of development and advancement that our Lord has bestowed on us.

4. Is Failure Bad?

Failure is an educational tool, an experimental educational effort. Real achievers are those who can endure the failure and its pain. Success has always belonged to those who can take the risk of losing.

We must know that there will be hundreds of obstacles in front of every project or idea. If an idea does not seem practical enough, even if it’s an original one, it would not be supported by anyone. While you will see that your project is reasonable and consistent, others will continue to see the obstacles to it and the impractical aspects of this idea. These negative opinions can even make a person quit his/her project. But if you succeed, they will want to learn how you did it.

5. What Happens If You Fail?

You will learn a lot and do the right thing next time and eventually you will succeed. What you want to see is more important than what people think. Our reaction to failure should be to carry through. We do not have the power to change the personality of others, nor can others change our personality.

If we know our responsibility, we try to understand what went wrong and correct it and ultimately achieve success. Failure may restrain human beings, reduce their resources and energy. But on the other hand, it teaches us how to get right. Failure is sometimes a guiding light that tells us that we are using the wrong methods.

Here are three things we want you to keep in mind about failure:

• Failure does not mean being defeated.

• As soon as you learn from your failures, forget them immediately.

• As long as you keep trying, you are never defeated.

There are crucial features in humans that cannot be measured by ability tests, such as courage, strength, determination, and productivity. Others’ thoughts about you should not destroy your sense of accomplishment. You should not perceive other people’s negative comments about you as absolute truth.

Common points of people who overcome failure are as follows:

1. They used failure as an opportunity for development, a teaching experience and a step towards success.

2. They focused on success. They saw themselves reaching their goals, always trying to keep this idea alive.

3. Despite the failure, they continued to work hard, be patient and determined, and in the end, they get rewarded for their efforts.

4. Failure is not a matter of overshadowing dignity. The main dignity is the dignity of the hardworking person with great enthusiasm.

Life is full of opportunities that come with the grace of Allah. But it is completely our responsibility to catch them or not. Life is often full of excuses: “I’m too old, I don’t have time, I can’t …” This list goes on and on. We have enough time. But for this, our will must be strong enough.

6. Making Objectives, Goals and Quality Decisions

Focusing on a goal means using the decision mechanism. Implementing every decision we make means success. The results may not always be as we wish. But we gain valuable experience that will shape our decisions. As a result of these valuable experiences, we achieve the ability to make quality decisions.

First of all, we have to find the right method. At every step, we see how small projects can be completed, and eventually we collect all the small pieces of success, making them a great one. Knowing which path we are on will take us to our main goal. Others can help us if they know what our goal is.

We need to know how we can eliminate problems. Because problems arise from lack of information. It’s never from obscure and vague concepts like bad luck. We are all directors in our own way. Therefore, we have to know how to deliver the best to others.

7. Develop Your Dreams

We can list the steps related to developing dreams as follows:

• Think positively about everything, including yourself. Know that negative thoughts negatively affect one’s morale, productivity and joy of life. Negative thoughts can even make the person sick.

• Always do the best you can and hope to achieve the best.

• Always focus on your goals and visualize them as if they were realized.

• Look ahead. Save yourself from the energy-reducing ties of the past, and if you seek out, you will find that today is full of benefits and opportunities.

• Above all, believe in yourself. With a positive attitude, you can open the door to many opportunities with the permission of Allah Almighty and you can make the most of these opportunities with the motivation you are going to gain.

8. Develop Your Dream First, Then Education

People with high dreams behave differently. He/she knows the meaning and purpose of their lives better. Experiences stimulate dreams and the dreams stimulate learning desire.

All children dream and they think that they realize their dream with the games they play. However, when they grow up, they are taught to restrain their imagination and face reality. Nevertheless, there is no success that does not start with dreams. On the other hand, there is no success that does not encounter failure barrier. So, why does society destroy the imagination in young people? While success is desired, why failures cannot be tolerated?

You should be the first to believe that your ideals can come true. People have discovered that they can fly with the help of a vehicle. Two years after this discovery, many people began to experiment with flying. Because now they knew that flying with the help of a vehicle was accomplishable.

The power of imagination is an important element that shapes the future of the person and has a share in regulating his behaviour. Imagination is a mental activity beyond vision and truth. Emotions are automatic appraisals based on subconsciously stored values and beliefs about the object. The emotions or desires of a person prompt him for doing a particular work. Bad emotions and thoughts are the basis of evil, and good emotions and dreams are the only means of benevolence and beauty.

9. Learning Personality

The act of learning improves both our spiritual and physical capacity. The important point here is that one knows what his own abilities are. Almost everyone can enhance their learning abilities if they encounter adequate opportunities.

Imagination is the main factor that motivates people. We think that these four steps can help you prepare your mind and soul for useful dreams:

1. Think positively. Clean yourself from all negative thoughts such as fear, selfishness, greed, grudge, suspicion and anxiety.

2. Consider yourself valuable. You are a soul from Allah, and you are very important to Him. In the verse of Allah Almighty says, “Verily We have honoured the children of Adam.” (The Israelites, 17/70). So, realize that you are important. If you consider yourself worthless, you cannot expect other people to see you as precious.

3. Use your own failure to inspire you so that you can make more effort and continue to believe that you will succeed.

4. Take action. Success is the product of hard work. The key to success is action. When we are motivated, we move and take action.

10. Subconscious

We can compare our unresolved emotions to a pile of garbage that we always have to carry on our shoulders while walking on the path of life. We tend to think that this garbage is left behind. But this stack remains in place. Our subconscious works very effectively. It collects everything that we thought we throw in the trash with great sacrifice. It stores even the smallest pieces. It records all emotions like a computer and stores it in its memory until we take care of them.

If we do not pay attention, we see that our subconscious is filled with a lot of unnecessary information. This unnecessary information takes up our energy as we carry them unintentionally. We may be using most of our energy to preserve this pile of garbage instead of using it to make our life better, healthier and happier.

11. Conclusion

Consider the following words that children perhaps say to their parents: I’m bored! I can’t find anything to do. The main reason for these complaints, which we mostly hear, is the lack of quality guidance to children. In fact, it is clear that there are many activities that children can do. However, it is understood that the child especially expects and seeks help from his parents in opening his own way and developing his own activities and abilities. Parents often do not even realize such needs of their children. Real great tutorials easily realize this productive energy in children and try to help them realize their dreams.

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