Success and Problem Solving II

Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR

April, 10/2020


Introduction 1

1. Brainstorming 3

2. Will Power 4

3. Will, Failure and Winning 5

4. Requests and Facts 6

5. Subconscious 7

6. Network. 9

Conclusion 10


Let me begin with a question like this. What do you do when you confront a difficult problem? The reason I started with such a question is that as follows: How we deal with problems is one of the main factors that determine whether we can succeed in life. This dimension of the matter determines the quality of success. Because while successful people solve problems by own, others bring their problems to successful people.

If this is the truth, the question “what should be considered when encountering a problem?” gains importance. Here are some of the points to be considered when encountering a problem:

First, it is necessary to know that there must be always an answer to the problem somewhere. Just worrying about the problem does not offer anyone a solution. Anxiety only makes one sick. Searching for the answer can take you almost anywhere and saves you from anxiety. This is a completely mental state and only you can control your behaviour while facing different situations. Successful people can easily control their behaviour and focus on the result.

Second, it is necessary to gather all the facts about the problem. We must know that problems may not be as big as they seem. In addition, the facts obtained will help you find quick solutions. Being aware of the existence of this second step and putting it into practice would help to reduce the anxiety and excitement in the person. If someone brings you a problem, just ask the basic questions and try to understand the facts in detail. Sometimes, you may even need to try a little more to get to the real problem. Of course, you will do this with the help of questions. Keep asking questions. Successful people ask the right question and know how to listen.

Third, decide whether this is really a big problem waiting for a solution. Is the problem too bad? But what it could be worse than the unnoticed problem? This will help you to comprehend the incident from a certain perspective and, as others often realize, is actually not a very worrying situation. If there is a problem waiting for a solution, review what you can do on your own. Do brainstorm and write down the solutions that you can think of. In the meantime, you can also choose the way to tell those who have the problem what they can do for the solution. Because sometimes, telling the person how to solve that problem can give him/her a much better result than solving the problem for him/her.

Fourth, search the internet for what you can do to solve the problem, ask others, read books in related areas. Never make the mistake of assuming that you know everything and the thing that come to your mind first is right.  Remember that the more you know, the more dominant you can look at the event.

Fifth, be decisive and follow the solution you find. Sometimes solutions that are achieved in a short time may require a long application time. In any way, you should definitely address a problem that you believe should be solved.

Sixth, try to see how the solution that you applied has worked out. Because sometimes, despite all your goodwill, your solution practices may be fruitless. Therefore, make sure that the solution you are trying to implement is possible and in a way that will not disappoint you.

1. Brainstorming

The shortest way to find what you really want is to ask the subject or question directly to yourself. More specifically, it is to ask this question directly to your consciousness that hosts your intelligence and mind. It is according to the clarity of the problem that you will be asked to get quality answers. We suggest you a way to do this. It is the method we call “brainstorming”. Below you will see five basic steps of this method:

First step: Write the subject you want to brainstorm on a blank and clean paper in the form of a “question”.

The human brain and heart are a great Divine gift designed to leave even the most powerful computers on earth far behind. You don’t need to learn its programming language to use this computer. Just look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the question directly. Thus, once you have consulted your mind and heart, these valuable undersecretaries will give you the most beautiful and correct answer.

Second step: Write everything you can think of.

Look at the question that you wrote right at the top of the page and listen and write down all the answers you will give. Record all the answers that come to your mind, including those that seem trivial to you. Write down all your responses that are useful or not, logical or unreasonable, approved or disapproved. The first rule of brainstorming is to listen to yourself. Who will listen to you if you don’t listen to yourself?

Third step: Accept every thought that comes to your mind gladly.

It doesn’t matter if your thoughts seem trivial or impossible. You should even see yourself lucky to be able to think so much. Treat each idea as a gift. We don’t have to love every idea we get. We accept every idea, open each one, thank you to the giver. The important thing is the existence of thought. If you are open to all thoughts, your subconscious will be more willing to produce these thoughts.

Fourth step: Let your pen write down.

Give yourself a certain amount of time, such as five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour to write. Let your pen write down until the time is over. Although it looks like nonsense, even if you are writing the same things over and over again, keep writing. As you continue to write, you will discover that you have some things to say.

Fifth step: Leave your criticism later.

Just write, don’t judge. You can judge later. Brainstorming is working for the birth of ideas, not for their destruction.

Did anybody say to you, “it is a ridiculous idea!” Have you had an experience like that? Maybe after this event, you learned to keep your ideas to yourself and not to tell or mention to others because you consider that your ideas insignificant. Your subconscious is very sensitive. If you reject its suggestions, it can stop producing ideas. Produce as many ideas as possible. Let your pen free. Then you can pick what you want.

There is no better time than now to start brainstorming. So, take a piece of parchment paper and write the following question at the top:

If I knew I would definitely get it, what would I want from life?

Now write your answers. Do not worry about whether you can achieve what you have written on the list. You will cross that bridge when you get there. Focus on what you want, how you get it. Write everything that comes to your mind. Release your pen to write for at least half an hour. It will be more useful to think about certain areas in your life. For example, what are your expectations from your work, home life and relatives? Your health, hobbies, social activities, the affects you want to leave on the world, who you are with, how you want to be remembered, etc. release your thoughts on the issues.

After doing this, take a deep breath. Stand up, walk. When you come back again, you will have the necessary energy for a new move.

2. Will Power

You may have heard or read many times how important the will is, just like me. We grew up strongly influenced by the way our families, friends and society think. There are still so many wrong ways of thinking that we actually see around us that we don’t even need to recheck them. If you want, first, let’s try to deal with the concept of will simply, and then we try to go into technical details.

In one aspect, the will is that one part of our mind is suppressed by another part so that the desired thing can be accomplished. For example, a dieter uses his willpower to avoid eating the food when he/she craves even if he/she strongly desires. In other words, a request and another request are faced, and one suppresses the other. Again, if someone likes to sit in a comfortable chair and read a book, he/she must use his will power to do physical exercises.

Therefore, the person who is on a diet or reading a book in a comfortable chair has used his will to win the other. The defeated is either reading books or eating lots of protein foods. We will call this situation “opposite divisions”. In the example of a dieter, eating plenty of protein meals is the suppressed section. In the physical exercise example, reading a book in a comfortable seat is the suppressed section. Diet or physical exercise is the suppressing part. In other words, one section suppresses another section in order to emerge.

3. Will, Failure and Winning

It is necessary to explain a little how the will power has failed. Because it is crucial to know how willpower is used incorrectly and its basic characteristics.

For example, a dieter will demonstrate the ability and willpower not to eat the food in the short term. But what happens after a few days, a week or a month? Maybe, we are hearing that you answer like this: “After a while, he/she will quit the diet and start eating what he/she wants. The person who does physical exercise will now sit in his comfortable seat and read a book.” Perhaps these people will now say, “I need more will power.” This scenario goes on and on.

However, there is an important point to understand. As time goes on, the oppressed side starts to get stronger and the person on the diet becomes unable to escape food that will make him fat. Thus, the part that has been suppressed and defeated so far will now prevail and cause to fail. What a pathetic situation! This is the zero point. Because first, you have won and then lost. 1-1 = 0! Moreover, zero means losing the war. Because we are considered to have fallen far from the “success” factor in our thought and ideal, by not fulfilling what the Supreme Creator and the life around us have brought us into the world of being.

As we are losing after the win like this, our brain learns that it cannot trust us for consistent success, and it stops us so that we do not fail further. This means to develop a belief that “I have no opportunity to be successful.”

If we are not consistent in our behaviour, then that is how others view us. Such a point of view means that the valuable contributions they can make to us also disappear. In order for a real success to occur and for our success seedlings to develop and grow, we need a quality soil. For this reason, it is very important for people to get to know us consistently. This consistency will increase people’s trust in us and will be a significant key to success. Because success occurs through solid connections with people who trust you.

People use most of their physical, mental and spiritual energies with internal conflicts, especially considering the problems they have experienced in the past, generating worries about the future. Imagine how much energy you can have when you stay away from internal conflicts. It is clear that your engine power, trying to take forward and the then back, will not take you anywhere. But when it tries to take you just forward without pulling back, you may imagine how fast person you will become.

Do you have such internal conflicts that block your mind and capacity? If so, you must strive your minds from this static and put forward projects of how you can become more productive.

We usually concentrate our willpower on internal and past conflicts with ourselves and how we can overcome those obstacles. As we continue to suppress some of our requests, these requests will try to announce themselves in a new and more productive way. In this respect, we need to be balanced and cautious by using the will power. In other words, while suppressing a request section, we should be careful not to overdo it and to act well. If we do not care, for example, the person who wants to suppress the rest and get more, but who is forced to rest because of his weakness, tells us more easily what we are trying to say.

4. Requests and Facts

You are experiencing various emotions almost every day. Events come and find you. How much of the events did you cause and how many of them occurred due to others? How much do fate or other elements have in these events?

Many times, we try to find answers to questions and problems in the apparent aspect of life, but we cannot find the answers that appear almost every time. Because they are not there. The answers are below the surface and they are invisible. So, they do not appear for people who do not know exactly how to look at them.

The libraries, bookstores, book catalogues, and the internet are full of new ideas, formulas, and techniques for changing your life, offering more than you want and make you successful. For example, if you take all the good ideas of personal development and gather them together, you will see that almost all of them say in common: “You have great power and you will get what you want when you use the “this” technique.” After reading them, by setting up goals, using personal development methods, making promises, applying for the NLP (Neuro Language Planning) programs, etc. ways to change your situation are trying to be taught.

Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” However, there is a problem here. If such plans remain only in words, some or most of your requests may not be realized. The insistence in the requests that are mistaken can bring with it the danger of diverging from the truth and deviating from the right line in the mazes of the imagination that seem endless. Because we wanted our requests to be fulfilled immediately, to have almost unlimited power or marvel, so we forget ourselves.

If you take a closer look at yourself, you will see that only a very small percentage of your conscious requests can be achieved. Even if you have applied success techniques, you will see that these techniques sometimes work and sometimes have no effect. But here are a few remarkable questions we still have to ask ourselves:

Why do you succeed while others do not?

Why you can achieve your goals, albeit partially, while others can’t?

Why you can make at least some of your thoughts happen while other people cannot make their dreams happen?

In the next part, I will try to talk about some of the human equipment that affects our lives in a general sense, causes a change in us and our environment, but is not visible or not fully felt.

5. Subconscious

When you go to a bookstore, you will see that hundreds of books are exhibited. All of these books have been previously studied, discussed, and even shared on the internet. See daily newspapers, weekly-monthly magazines You will see that people from all over the world are performing activities in their capacity.

The main reason for the use of information and entertainment tools is that people are experiencing a process that we can call “internal experiences” that they feel. People often prone to interpret the incidents that happened in the movies, but they do not want to think much about the “scenario” or the techniques that were used “behind the scenes”.

What do you expect in your “internal experience” while you learn, feel or have fun? Stop and think for a few seconds. For us, “what we feel inside” is generally more “outside” than what is going on. This is a normal and valid situation for almost everyone. Because if you ask people what they want and why they want it, they usually say, “Peace of mind, trust, happiness, etc.” which most of them will give answers in that way.

Therefore, the real demand lies in “internal experience”. You will see the same things when you go down to the mental and spiritual origins of the desires such as home, car, property, etc. In this case, I think we can make the following suggestion:

Put aside the interest in what’s happening outside (work, money, friendship, etc.). Instead, deal with what’s happening inside (thoughts, emotions, learning, development, etc.) and try to make the changes in your inner world first.

There is a very interesting situation here. While watching a movie, you are so immersed in the flow of the movie that you do not even think of the director / producer who staged the movie, scripted it, found the relevant actors, made them speak and move them as they wanted. You are the director of your life, too. You have been sent to this life with almost common feelings. Therefore, your subconscious is working to realize your goal in life, twenty-four hours every day.

Another striking point is while books or conferences on success and motivation are useful in one way, they may also be useless in another way. Here is the explanation: If these are talking about your subconscious, they would be beneficial. But I have to say that if they are speaking for the part related to your personality, they will not have much of a consequence on your life.

You have a significant element that stays behind the scenes and guides your life. Subconscious. Shaping the subconscious is completely in your hands.

The most valuable role in your daily experience belongs to your subconscious.

The significance of your subconscious for you lies in its great help in achieving your goals and ideals. How you can contact your subconscious, how you can respond to your requests from your subconscious is an issue that needs to be emphasized.

A glass of hot water is just a glass of hot water. A teabag is just a teabag. But if you combine these two together, you will have a very nice cup of tea. If you combine your outside world with your inner world, a beautiful and fresh life emerges. So, if your subconscious and your will power can work together you will get very successful and satisfying results in your life.

6. Network

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by telephones, mobile phones, fax machines, computers, the internet, televisions, radios and satellites. These devices bring us together and make it possible for us to communicate with others.

If you really want to shoot your movie, gather actors and actresses and tell them what, how and when to do it, you need to establish a subconscious level of communication between your director and its team. The original studio, which we call the world, was built on a communication network that we could not see how it was established. This communication network connects all living beings on earth to the subconscious level.

In general terms, this situation can be compared to the internet from this point. However, it is stronger, faster and you don’t need a computer for this communication. In order to understand that, you can think of the following kinds of examples: There were moments when you knew it before anything happened. Or you may have felt that a friend will call you over the phone before calling. Or you may know someone’s thought before it was expressed. Even when you look at someone carefully, there are moments when he/she turns to look at you. All these experiences and many more shows how you are in contact with other human beings at the subconscious level.

So, we are connected to this invisible subconscious communication network. We send some sort of e-mails, announcements, and notifications to each other without our knowledge. We somehow report what we want from others and how we can support others. People also send answers to this communication. Just like in the real world, we have negotiations with this kind of communication. Twenty-four hours these messages go and arrive at the subliminal level to their destination.


Let me ask you a question. “Do you enjoy watching TV?” I agree that you have answered “yes” to this question. Because, many people give this answer. If you do not like watching TV, please continue reading. You like watching TV. Did you think “why”?

When we talk to many people in different parts of the world, there are four main reasons for loving and watching television:

Having fun,

Distancing from hustle and bustle in the routine of everyday life,

Being able to benefit from television in an educational and entertaining way,

To reach out to different opinions and ideas through television.

Interestingly, television or cinema is not a complete experience tool. No matter how good the program is, no matter how you adapt to a program, you know that you are sitting in your couch at home. The people that you watch are not in your real life, they are just on the screen.

More importantly, you don’t know what the people you care about feel or think. There is a distance and obstacle between them and you, between their experience and your experience. However, you are the main person outside the television that thinks like the people you watch in television programs and knows what they know. Therefore, you can completely turn into a personality that you like and love. You can be the character that you choose and dreamed in your mind, only you can decide the character that you want to be.

I wish that almost everyone can realize their dreams, use their material and spiritual equipment in the direction of positive evolution, and the blockages in our souls, hearts and minds disappear…

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