Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR Honesty and being straightforward are characteristics that are manifested both in thought and deed. The honesty of a true believer can never be compromised. The Qur’an very clearly declares the greatness of honesty and integrity. God’s Word says; “O you who believe! Act in reverence for God and piously, without doing anything … Truthfulness yazısını okumaya devam et

Returning Evil with Good

Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR Wickedness is weak, even when it seems to be victorious. In fact, wickedness cannot escape the destiny of its ultimate destruction. Goodness, honesty, and righteousness are the conquerors of the heart, and they are powerful in and of themselves. When good and evil truly come head to head with one another, there … Returning Evil with Good yazısını okumaya devam et