What Does Quran and Hadiths Say About Knowledge?

Musa Kazım GÜLÇÜR Redaction: Halit GÜLÇÜR May 24/2019 Contents Introduction 2 Some of the Ayats About the Importance of Science 2 Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the Importance of Science 7 Importance of Science in Islam 11 Conclusion 13 Introduction “Are those who know equal to those who know not?” (The Companies, 39/9) Sayyid … What Does Quran and Hadiths Say About Knowledge? yazısını okumaya devam et

Good Will and Helping Others

Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR Muslims want the best for everyone and feel pleasure in helping others. To help one another and intercede for one another is one of the directives of Islam and to do so is demanded by the brotherhood that exists between Muslims. One who wants something good for themselves but does not want … Good Will and Helping Others yazısını okumaya devam et

Funeral Etiquette

Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR It is a Muslim’s duty to another Muslim who has died to go to their funeral, to stay until they have been covered with earth, and to pray for that they will be forgiven. In a hadith God’s Messenger said, “Whoever attends a funeral until the prayers are finished receives one carat … Funeral Etiquette yazısını okumaya devam et