Steps to Success in Achieving Goals I

Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR 29 Mart/2020 Introduction “And my success (in my task) can only come from Allah.” (Quran, Hud, 11/88) In this article, we will try to mark some issues that will be beneficial for “steps to success in achieving goals.” However, it should not be forgotten that it is a necessity to know that … Steps to Success in Achieving Goals I yazısını okumaya devam et

Humor and Jokes

Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR When kidding and joking with friends, the thing to pay the most attention to is not to say something that is untrue. Unfortunately, most people actually “lie” when they joke. There is a good quotation from our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, about this: Abu Hurayra tells how some of … Humor and Jokes yazısını okumaya devam et

Building Good Character

Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR Adab in practice, is part of the larger concept of akhlaq, that is, morality. In fact, from one perspective, adab in practice is fundamentally practical morality and ethics. Therefore, the essence of these concepts will be explained first, beginning with a short introduction to akhlaq, and only after this will adab in … Building Good Character yazısını okumaya devam et