İhsan Şuuru 3

Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR 19 Haziran 2020 Abstract In the different verses of the Quran, helping the needy and poor people is assigned as a duty for rich individuals. Moreover, in his life, Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) prayed for being in the category of needy and heralded the believers about the entrance of needy people into the … İhsan Şuuru 3 yazısını okumaya devam et

İhsan Şuuru 2

Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR 12 Haziran 2020 Abstract In the verses of the Quran, the requirement of visiting relatives and taking care of them is mentioned immediately after the fundamental prayers such as salah and zakat (alms-giving) shows us the great importance of keeping in touch with relatives in the Islam. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) declares that … İhsan Şuuru 2 yazısını okumaya devam et

İhsan Şuuru 1

Musa Kâzım GÜLÇÜR 5 Haziran 2020 Abstract “Al-Ihsan”, performance of good deeds or in other words the conscious of goodness, allows to individuals for reaching the very truth. In the Quran, it is manifested that goodness comprises a lot of highly regarded behaviours, but most notably includes the worshipping to the God Almighty like seeing … İhsan Şuuru 1 yazısını okumaya devam et